• Updated documentation per requirements after CRAN review
  • Changed caching behavior per requirements after CRAN review. If you previously had set a cache directory options("f1dataR.cache" = [dir]) there will be no change. If you had previously not specified a cache directory, the package used to use the result of getwd(), so you can force that directory. New users can specify a default file cache location by setting options("f1dataR.cache" = "filesystem") or specify any other (existing) directory by setting the option.

Cache will otherwise use memory as a default until the end of the R session or for 24h (whichever comes first). Caching can be turned off by setting the option to “off”

  • Added additional output column to load_schedule() to show Sprint Race date.
  • Added a helper function for setting up fastf1 connection.
  • Improved testing coverage
  • Code style and format cleanups
  • Updated load_driver_telemetry to use laps parameter, allowing for a choice of ‘fastest’, ‘all’, or a numbered lap. Note a numbered lap requires fastf1 version 3.0 or greater (#78)
  • Added examples to documentation (#95)
  • Added a NEWS.md file to track changes to the package.