Correct Track Ratios helps ensure that ggplot objects are plotted with 1:1 unit ratio. Without this function, plots have different x & y ratios and the tracks come out misshapen. This is particularly evident at long tracks like Saudi Arabia or Canada.

Note that this leaves the plot object on a dark background, any plot borders will be maintained

correct_track_ratio(trackplot, x = "x", y = "y", background = "grey10")



A GGPlot object, ideally showing a track layout for ratio correction

x, y

Names of columns in the original data used for the plot's x and y values. Defaults to 'x' and 'y'


Background colour to use for filling out the plot edges. Defaults to "grey10" which is the default background colour if you use theme_dark_f1() to theme your plots.


a ggplot object with ggplot2::scale_x_continuous() and ggplot2::scale_y_continuous() set to the same limits to produce an image with shared x and y limits and with ggplot2::coord_fixed() set.


if (FALSE) {
# Note that plot_fastest plots have already been ratio correctedF
fast_plot <- plot_fastest(season = 2022, round = 1, session = "Q", driver = V)