Loads lapwise data for a race session.

Includes each driver's each lap's laptime, pit in/out time, tyre information, track status, and (optionally) weather information. The resulting data frame contains a column for the session type. Note that quali sessions are labelled Q1, Q2 & Q3.

Cache directory can be set by setting option(f1dataR.cache = [cache dir]), default is the current working directory.

If you have trouble with errors mentioning 'fastf1' or 'get_fastf1_version()' read the 'Setup FastF1 Connection vignette (run vignette('setup_fastf1', 'f1dataR')).

  season = get_current_season(),
  round = 1,
  session = "R",
  log_level = "WARNING",
  add_weather = FALSE,
  race = lifecycle::deprecated()



number from 2018 to current season. Defaults to current season.


number from 1 to 23 (depending on season selected). Also accepts race name.


the code for the session to load Options are 'FP1', 'FP2', 'FP3', 'Q', 'S', 'SS' and 'R' Default is 'R', which refers to Race.


Detail of logging from fastf1 to be displayed. Choice of: 'DEBUG', 'INFO', 'WARNING', 'ERROR' and 'CRITICAL'. See fastf1 documentation.


Whether to add weather information to the laps. See fastf1 documentation for info on weather.


[Deprecated] race is no longer supported, use round.


A tibble. Note time information is in seconds, see fastf1 documentation for more information on timing.